We’re heating and air specialists!

We’ve specialized in heating and air for almost a century. Your comfort is our family’s main concern. We have experts in oil burners, air conditioning, central air, and just about anything to help you keep your house or business the perfect temperature while keeping the air safe for you and all the people you care about. Plus, we treat you like family when it comes to friendly service and price.

We can help you:

  • Install or replace boilers or heat pumps
  • Install or update your air conditioning system
  • Ductwork cleaning or repair
  • Diagnose problems
  • Assess your systems


Oil Service Plans

D.E. Walkers offers three different service contracts to help you save money on maintaining your system. Whatever your budget or needs are, we have the perfect plan for you. See all the details here.

Standard Oil Plan: $299.00

Premium Oil Plan: $349.00

Deluxe Oil Plan: $509.00

Compare our plans here.


Why is having a service plan beneficial?

Having a service contract is beneficial because it allows you to have routine cleanings and maintenance to your system. In the long run, having a service professional check and clean your system annually can save you money. Our employees are trained to properly clean your system and detect possible problems at an early stage. Taking these steps can prevent expensive repairs that would be required if there was a problem with the system.

Please call us at 215-699-4012 to learn about our different service plan options!


We focus on quality.

Here are the manufacturers that we trust most for quality products and value.

D.E. Walker & Sons is a family-owned business serving local families for over 90 years.

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