Pre-Season Pricing

Pre-Paid Heating Oil Plan

Buy ahead and save money. You can purchase your pre-paid heating oil for the 2021-2022 heating season at a locked-in contract price of $2.999 per gallon (minimum 500 gallons). This is a limited time offer and only good while supplies last! 

Any prepaid heating oil plan balance remaining at the end of the season, will be refunded after June 1st or credited toward the next year’s purchase at that season’s price. All prepaid oil customers will be on automatic delivery. The automatic delivery will continue after the prepaid oil has been depleted and will be billed at the daily street price. If at that time, you would like to be taken off auto-delivery, you must contact the office. Discounts do not apply to prepayment. Pre-pay heating price is for check payment only. Please call office for credit card price.

Budget plan

Spread the cost of your oil deliveries over ten monthly payments – from August to May. Deliveries are made throughout the year at the current oil price. After June 1, any overpayment will be refunded or credited toward the next year, and any amount owed will be invoiced. We will figure out your monthly payment based on your estimated fuel usage for the year.

Service Agreements

D. E. Walker offers several service levels to fit every need and budget. See them here.


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