Oil Service Plans

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Why is having an oil service plan beneficial?

Having a service contract is beneficial because it allows you to have routine cleanings and maintenance to your system. In the long run, having a service professional check and clean your system annually can save you money. Our employees are trained to properly clean your system and detect possible problems at an early stage. Taking these steps can prevent expensive repairs that would be required if there was a problem with the system.

We offer a variety of Oil Service Plans to fit every need and budget.

Standard Oil Plan



On all contracts:

  • 20% discount on uncovered repairs (Parts & Labor) for Standard Plans
  • 25% discount on uncovered repairs (Parts & Labor) for Premium Plans
  • 30% discount on uncovered repairs (Parts & Labor) for Deluxe Plans
  • Priority scheduling. Your no heat call will be handled before non contracted calls!
  • $500 off complete heating system replacement

Compare our oil service plans!

Boilers Only
Clean and adjust burnerXXX
Change fuel filters and pump screensXXX
Change nozzleXXX
Inspect and clean combustion side of heat exchangerXXX
Inspect and clean smoke pipe and chimney baseXXX
Check operation of system controlsXXX
Combustion TestXXX
Discount on uncovered parts and labor20%25%30%
Priority schedulingXXX
$500 of complete heating system replacementXXX
Parts and Labor covered on the following burner componentsXX
Burner motor (3450 rpm)XX
Burner motor couplerXX
Oil pumpXX
Ignition transformerXX
Porcelain electrodes and leadsXX
Oil nozzleXX
Air coneXX
Blast tubeXX
Cad cell eye assemblyXX
Protective relay (cad cell)XX
The burners covered in this plan are gun style, 3450 rpm burners. Ex: Riello, Beckett, Carlin
Deluxe Package Add-ons
plus Triple/single aqua statX
plus One (1) circular pump per contactX
plus Two (2) thermostat per contractX
plus One (1) circular pump per contactX
plus relief valveX
plus One (1) circular pump per contactX
(replacement thermostat is a 1 heat/1 cool non-programmable thermostatX
D.E. Walker Oil Plan Features-Updated 3/15/24
Annual Service Plan Terms and Conditions
  • Customer agrees to buy heating oil from D.E. Walker & Son, Inc. only for the duration of this service contract. If this is not done, we reserve the right to cancel the contract, with no refund.
  • All equipment to be covered before accepting this contract must be inspected by an authorized D.E. Walker and Sons Inc. service technician. Acceptance is based solely on Service Manager’s inspection or review. Inspection of such equipment shall be performed with-in 90 days of the contract date.
  • Service contract hours are during normal business hours. Service calls need to be reported to the office before 3pm for same day service. All other calls outside of business hours will be billed at our emergency labor rate(s). Dispatch/Diagnostic fees are not covered or discounted.
  • Prices quoted refer to Residential Home Heating Equipment only, located in a basement or utility room. We do not offer contracts on rooftop, crawlspace or other locations that present difficulty in servicing.
  • Our obligation to furnish any parts is subject to their availability through normal sources of supply.
  • This contract includes only repair and replacement of parts listed, which become defective due to normal wear. It does not cover parts damaged by water, fire, act of God, accident, tampering or abuse.
  • DE. Walker & Son, Inc. will not assume any responsibility for any oil burner serviced by anyone other than the duly authorized personnel of this company which would render contract null & void.
  • This contract does not include equipment failures resulting from customer’s refusal of automatic delivery or out of oil due to the exceeding of credit limitations.
  • This contract does not include equipment failures resulting from customer’s refusal of automatic delivery or out of oil due to the exceeding of credit limitations.
  • Service calls resulting from blown fuses or circuit breakers, oil burner emergency switch turned off, thermostat not properly set, or electrical power failure are not covered by this contract.
  • This contract does not cover liability for injury or damage resulting from defects in, the operation or non-operation of customer’s burner or its appurtenances or any other equipment, nor does it cover liability for loss or damage resulting from delay or failure to perform hereunder due wholly or partially to labor disturbances, fires, lack of material, governmental regulations, or any causes beyond our control.
  • Effective date of this contract, if customer’s order is accepted, shall be the date of receipt of payment for contract.
  • Whenever replacement parts or labor charges, which are not covered by this contract are required, the company shall notify the customer if possible. Delay in submitting these prices shall not hold D.E. Walker & Son, Inc. liable for further damage to the heating system or an inconvenience to the occupant of the dwelling or building.
  • This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and there are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations other than printed therein.
  • We cannot accept low pressure burners, rotary burners (Timken, etc.), nor obsolete oil burners for which parts are costly and difficult to obtain.
  • This service contract may be canceled by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice.
  • This contract covers one main heating apparatus. Additional equipment can be added at an additional cost.

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Or you may remit payment for the selected plan. Payment of the contract confirms agreement with the terms and conditions.

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